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Craigin Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Craigin

A Chicago community spawned from a burst of manufacturing and industry, Cragin is transforming into a family-friendly residential neighborhood with modest homes, landscaped yards and tree-filled parks. On the dining front is a throng of different cuisines. Get your pizza and burrito fix on the same street, or pop in for a Polish sausage or Asian noodle dish a few doors down from each other. Cragin's nightlife is limited to a few neighborhood watering holes, but that seems to be enough to satisfy the local clientele. Regulars like to gather at the Polish bars which you can't miss with names like Rzeszowska Club and Stokrotka Lounge. Cragin's Polish heritage is seen throughout the community in the independent booksellers, video stores, bakeries and gift shops.

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Craigin Real Estate

Cragin’s housing styles are wide-ranging. We may find on one street, vintage bungalow after bungalow, while the next street is lined with cottages and two-flats. There are quite a few buildings that were converted years ago from shops and taverns into homes giving the structures a very unique style of their own.

Homes in Cragin are often accompanied by lush green side and backyards. Well-kept gardens and flourishing trees are plentiful along these northwest side neighborhood streets. Simple wrought iron fences surround many of the older brick low- and mid-rise residential buildings and vintage courtyard condominiums, which have their share of greenery as well, with pruned shrubs and leafy vegetation.

The average cost for multi-unit housing in Cragin is about $154,000, although some places sell for as much as $250,000, while others start under $100,000.
Alongside long-established residences, elegant two-story new construction homes are being built with nothing less than quality materials. Some are crafted with brick exteriors, allowing them to blend in nicely with the many surrounding brick bungalows.

In regards to cost, the average sales price for a single-family detached home in Cragin with three bedrooms is $314,000. Some three bedrooms are valued at closer to $400,000, while the low end comes in around $216,000. For a single-family dwelling with four to six bedrooms, expect to pay $342,000 on average. Still, there are several houses that go for $435,000, but if you shop around you can find some that start in the low $200,000s.

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