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Cottage Grove Heights Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Cottage Grove Heights

Quiet and small, this south side residential neighborhood holds strong community ties and block after block of modest ranches, providing comfortable living for families of all sizes. Green lawns go as far as the eye can see in Cottage Grove Heights, which favors private houses over multi-unit buildings. Most folks here enjoy all the perks of owning their own home like backyard barbecues and planting flower gardens in the spring.

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Cottage Grove Heights Real Estate

The streets of Cottage Grove Heights provide the idyllic image of an average residential community. Cars are parked along the curbs of homes that lack a driveway and trees dot moderate lawns that require a mower for upkeep—no teeny tiny garden-size lots here. In addition to plenty of room for flower beds, shrubs and any other lawn decoration you like (please don’t put out any of those tacky pink flamingoes), these properties offer up space for that weekend barbeque in the summer or snow fort in the winter. Primarily one- and two-story brick houses, bungalows and raised ranches line the roads, providing housing for scores of families.

Brick was the principle building material for the homes of Cottage Grove Heights. Most of these homes follow a simple architectural design and a number of them have been standing since fairly near the Pullman company town days (albeit with sizable renovations over the years). Generally, the price for a three- or four-bedroom house ranges from $130,000 to $190,000, but there are two-bedroom homes for as low as $90,000 to start. Granted a place for that price is bound to need a little work, so don’t forget to budget some bucks for a few home improvements.

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