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Chicago Lawn Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Chicago Lawn

This traditional southwest side neighborhood of solid bungalows and neatly-kept lawns is bound on three sides by busy commercial strips, providing big city amenities to this quiet Chicago community. Chicago Lawn is diverse in culture and cuisine. Restaurants offer every taste from Caribbean jerk chicken to chorizo tortas. Great ethnic food satisfies the stomach, but stable enrichment institutions such as theaters, a library and elementary schools provide a steady foundation for community in Chicago Lawn. Family-owned shops co-exist with national retail chains, supplying Chicago Lawn neighbors with all the essentials and more.

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Chicago Lawn Real Estate

Chicago Lawn is a small residential area bounded by elevated railroad tracks to the west and busy commercial streets on its other three sides. The residential heart of the neighborhood, with its narrow lanes edged by trees, is quiet and well maintained. As of 2000, approximately 43 percent of the wood frame and brick homes in this area were single-family dwellings. Most common are traditional Chicago bungalows with shaded front porches and upstairs dormer windows peeking out of the low rooflines.

Chicago Lawn has enjoyed a long-standing reputation for affordable housing. Today, a variety of two- and three-bedroom homes are available with a small number of new construction houses thrown in the mix. What limited multi-unit housing there is in Chicago Lawn is row-rise brick courtyard condos and older apartments buildings. The average sales price for a detached single-family home in Chicago Lawn with three bedrooms is around $200,000. Larger houses on the market provide a lot more space without an enormous difference in price.

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