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Chatham Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Chatham

A strong history of prestigious African American-owned businesses established a solid base for a prosperous and successful Chicago neighborhood that is still present in Chatham and spills over into beautiful residential blocks and a viable commercial and dining district. Single-family homes dominate the neighborhood with a handful of multi-unit buildings here and there. But, for the most part Chatham residents live in classic bungalows and frame houses with small green yards and shaded front sidewalks. Along the main thoroughfares dozens of restaurants, takeout places, and neighborhood bars line the street, welcoming familiar faces to enjoy a meal and relax after a long day. Scattered among the eateries are a good selection of clothing stores and unique boutiques, with a Target on hand for the best in one-stop shopping.

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Chatham Real Estate

Much of Chatham’s residences are single-family homes, with a handful of residential buildings here and there. A good mix of one- and two-story houses occupies the neighborhood blocks of small green lots, bordered by well-maintained sidewalks and long-established plant life and mature trees. Many of the properties in Chatham are lovely little frame homes, although the community also hosts a significant number of red brick bungalows, the Chicago staple. Most of these adorable bungalows, sporting shady front porches and second floor dormer windows, remain solid and in good condition after 80 or more years of standing. They boast beautiful exterior stone ornamentation and exquisite masonry work that is so hard to find in newer brick homes.

Chatham is a neighborhood of predominately middle-class homeowners who take great care in the maintenance of their houses, sometimes revamping the interiors for a more modern look. Recently, many new buildings have been erected, providing residents with a variety of living options and styles. There are a few larger, recently constructed homes complete with back decks and good-sized back yards dotting the neighborhood streets that appeal to many first-time buyers. The range in single-family residences offers Chatham residents a good deal of flexibility in price as well. Detached three-bedroom homes in the neighborhood run between $96,000 and the $335,000, so no matter what your budget, you should be able to find a place to suit your means.

As we mentioned before, multi-unit housing is few and far between in Chatham. There are some older upper level condos situated above storefronts that are priced between $145,000 and $165,000. Other low-rise vintage condominiums with three-bedrooms go for between $250,000 and $320,000, and newer modern townhomes can cost in the mid to upper $300,000s.

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