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Calumet Heights Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Calumet Heights

Suburban charm and urban culture coalesce in this south Chicago neighborhood. Dripping with history, civic pride and diversity, Calumet Heights offers an oasis for families and residents from all walks of life. Rows of brick bungalows rest on green lots edged by towering trees and well-kept sidewalks, the perfect place to learn to ride a bike or walk the dog. Almost exclusively residential, save for a couple pizzerias and your typical comfort food diner, Calumet Heights offers affordable real estate to buy a family home with outdoor space and room to grow.

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Calumet Heights Real Estate

This lovely southeast Chicago neighborhood is an idyllic place to raise a family or buy a first home. With a gorgeous park, plenty of shopping options and even a hospital nearby, Calumet Heights more closely resembles a serene suburb than a south Chicago neighborhood.

Like many neighborhoods with a suburban-vibe, front yards in Calumet Heights tend to be pristine and well-maintained. Streets are wide, landscaped and in great condition. Sidewalks provide safe walking and bike riding space for children. The sizeable backyards are just right for summertime barbeques or outdoor birthday parties. And we don’t even mind when winter rolls around because that means carefully crafted snowforts and the ultimate in snowball fights. The homes themselves are each unique, but together they make up lovely, picturesque rows. Apartments and condominiums are largely located in lovingly preserved brick buildings, adding to the architectural beauty and diversity of the neighborhood.

Many of the residences in this predominately middle-class neighborhood are single-family dwellings that rest on green lots edged by towering trees and property-separating bushes. Bungalows, two-stories, split-levels, and ranches abound. There are also several mid-rise residential buildings, vintage courtyard condos and stately townhomes, some with all the quaintness of exterior lampposts and colorful flowerbeds.

Price-wise Calumet Heights is also diverse, with some of the larger (four to six bedroom) homes costing as much as $800,000. However, there are plenty of very nice, decent-sized houses in the upper $100,000s to mid-$500,000s range as well. Many of the two-bedroom condos in Calumet Heights sell for around $50,000, while other newer or renovated condominiums can cost up to $400,000 for a three-bedroom place.

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