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Quiet streets, tree-shaded homes, scenic riverside landscapes, and a mix of cultural backgrounds contribute to the charm of this north side Chicago neighborhood. Sprouting from the site of a pickle farm which was Chicago's primary pickle supplier in the mid 1800s, Budlong Woods has developed into a beautiful setting to raise a family. The large wooded expanse of Legion Park is on its western edge, a wonderful place for short hikes or nature sightings. And many of Budlong Woods' properties boast sizeable private lots that are ideal for letting the kids play outdoors and expend some of that never ending energy. Up on Lincoln Avenue, residents will get their fill of the outside world with convenient grocery stores and an international array of dining options.

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Budlong Woods Real Estate

Leafy trees and lush lawns edge the residential neighborhood lanes of Budlong Woods. Perfectly shaped hedges and colorful flower beds dot the front of homes, while the rear gives way to some fairly large back yards—and most likely a summertime barbeque or two. Attached garages are a common amenity in this north side Chicago neighborhood and the mix of housing designs presents an eclectic architectural charm. Good-sized two-story brick homes, traditional bungalows, two-flats, frame cottages, split-levels and several apartment buildings—many built after World War II—line the neighborhood's beautiful side streets. Recent years have seen many apartment buildings rehabbed and converted into condominiums, and several brand-new developments have been built. While there are many modest dwellings in Budlong Woods, a portion of the properties are high-end real estate.

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