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Bowmanville Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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The area wedged between Lincoln SquareRavenswood, and Andersonville is considered something of a suburban oasis in the city. It is a small neighborhood that most Chicagoans probably wouldn't recognize by name, but despite its size, Bowmanville offers many of the advantages of larger neighborhoods without a lot of the headaches. This tiny, north side Chicago community is located close to shopping and nightlife, but offers a more tranquil locale with distinctive single-family homes and private outdoor space. Trees and grass abound in Bowmanville, providing plenty of green appeal right in your own front yard. Out on Bowmanville's border Avenues are sufficient restaurants, coffee houses and neighborhood pubs to entertainment without disturbing the peacefulness of this lovely, little Chicago enclave.

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Bowmanville Real Estate

Large maple trees shade the side streets of Bowmanville homes, composed of two-flats, townhouses, frame cottages and bungalows. All of the single-family homes in the area hAve. nice-sized lots with front and back yards, and some of the traditional bungalows hAve. been restored to their original beauty. Additionally, the neighborhood offers homebuyers a few vintage multi-unit residential buildings and mid-rise red brick condominiums for folks who don't need, or want, as much space and upkeep as an entire house presents.

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