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Big Oaks Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Big Oaks

A prim grid of tree-lined streets provides good shade for an afternoon stroll through this quiet, residential north side Chicago neighborhood. And, quite contradictory to the size of its namesake trees, the actual land area of Big Oaks is rather small. Still there's room for a few local restaurants that provide all the favorites from pizza to pierogies. Other businesses are found along Big Oaks' major border roads, but the bulk of the community is simply rows of private homes and manicured yards that offer a nice place for families to settle down.

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Big Oaks Real Estate

The tall oak trees that edge the streets of Big Oaks neighborhood are its characteristic trait, providing nice shade for summertime walks and plenty of ammunition for leaf piles in the fall. Though pretty much entirely residential, Big Oaks is close to a lot of parks, stores, and restaurants in nearby neighborhoods. If you’re willing to step over Big Oaks’s southern border, you find yourself at Ridgemoor Country Club (6601 W. Gunnison St., 708-867-8400) a private country club and golf course. Although Ridgemoor is off limits to all but members, perhaps you could befriend someone on the inside and score an invite for eighteen holes. If nothing else, it would give you something to talk to your neighbors about.

Big Oaks neighborhood has some multi-unit living options, mainly along Harlem Avenue, however most of the housing is of the single-family detached style. Still, there are several older, low-rise brick condos and a few newer model options. On average the sales price for a one- or two-bedroom unit is a little under $200,000.

Lot size in Big Oaks is moderate with a bit of lawn to mow. It’s nothing a push mower couldn’t handle, so, just a tip, the riding tractor model might be overkill. As for the actual home in the yards, most were built in the 1960s and ‘70s, and have been kept in good condition. There’s a variety of one- and two-story places with architectural designs from brick ranch to split-level to stately, high-ceilinged new structures. Average price for a three-bedroom in Big Oaks is in the upper $300,000s. For a house with another bedroom or two, you’re looking at an average value of $484,000 with the random $825,000 property here and there.

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