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Beverly View Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

Get to know Beverly View

A tiny, five-block hamlet located on the northern tip of the Beverly neighborhood, Beverly View is a middle-class community known as much for its ethnic diversity as it is for its hilly terrain and classic Chicago homes. Frame houses with small front yards and rear garages line the blocks, creating a residential enclave cradled by acres of park space and the extensive grounds of the Beverly Country Club golf course.

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Beverly View Real Estate

While Beverly is known for its large homes and good-size lots, properties in Beverly View are more similar to those in neighboring Ashburn, slightly smaller and more uniform in style. Most of the residences in Beverly View are one- and two-story frame houses, raised ranches, or redbrick bungalows. Almost every home has a garage and a small backyard. Even though several dwellings on a single block can be similar is design, there is enough variety in exterior accents and building material that each home is distinctive and charming in its own way.

Leafy trees rise above rooflines shading the well-maintained sidewalks that edge the quiet streets throughout this tiny residential enclave. While it is easy to find examples of classic, narrow ranch-style Chicago homes with detached back garages and skinny lots in Beverly View, modern architectural layouts with attached garages and wider yards are less common. There are no condominiums or multi-unit residential buildings to speak of around here, but single-family dwellings are plentiful and range in price from $100,000 to $230,000.
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