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The ethnically diverse and well-kept Belmont Central is a sizeable yet understated neighborhood, speckled with affordable housing and an international array of restaurants to suit every taste and craving. With a passionate Chamber of Commerce always on the job to enhance Belmont Central homes and businesses, this northwest Chicago neighborhood is making a name for itself. Historic houses have been passed down from generation to generation while new model condos are emerging along the residential blocks in recent years. Convenient corner stores and groceries stock the daily essentials, but Belmont Central's shopping district is the place to go for fashion, furniture, footwear and giftables. The mix of family-run establishments and national chains is right on par with the strong community values that have shaped Belmont Central into a close-knit Chicago neighborhood.

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Belmont Central Real Estate

In the 1930s in order to meet the flourishing housing needs, home construction accelerated, resulting in a neighborhood characterized by a variety of architectural designs. Quaint brick bungalows, Queen Anne-style houses, two-flats, and Cape Cods sprung up along the residential streets, lined with trees and trim front lawns. A good number of the homes remain in the area today, giving Belmont Central real estate a mature yet fresh quality that carries through the scenic green avenues. Many of these houses have stayed in the care of their original owners and their families, passed down from generation to generation.

Among the historic homes, new-construction two-stories and some raised ranches have been built, giving Belmont Central a touch of modernity which draws new families to the area. The blend of long-time residents and first-time homeowners is a welcome mix that adds a liveliness to the community makeup.

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