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Archer Heights Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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A working-class neighborhood near Midway International Airport, Archer Heights has seen an increase in the number of manufacturing and transportation facilities within its borders over the years. The community has recently grown in popularity as Midway Airport has undergone major renovations, becoming a welcome alternative to busy O'Hare International Airport. The changes have prompted fresh interest in Archer Heights, and an influx of new residents is giving this family-oriented neighborhood a much more cosmopolitan feel. Corner delis and markets, a smattering of bars and restaurants, and a couple big box shopping outlets along 47th Street, Pulaski Road and Archer Avenue provide all the conveniences of city living. Still, backyard barbecues and neighborly chats over the fence are commonplace here, and are one of the reasons Archer Heights residents stick around for years.

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Archer Heights Real Estate

Archer Heights is a stable neighborhood of classic bungalows, raised ranches and brick two- and four-flats. Many of the single-family homes have small yards in front and back, and some also include garages—ah, the luxury. Although there are occasional condominium conversions, the area has not experienced the explosion in new condo and loft construction that other parts of the city have seen in recent years.

Residents of Archer Heights tend to be family-focused, and those who move here often stay for several years. In a survey given to neighborhood locals in 2005, almost 35 percent responded that they had lived in the community for five years or more. It’s no wonder, the tree-lined side streets, well-maintained sidewalks, and social neighbors provide a welcoming atmosphere for families with young children, newly married couples, retirees, and singles alike. We can picture it now… You’re out grilling steaks for dinner and old Mr. Jones from next door pops over the fence to chat about the weather. Sounds like a 1950s TV sitcom, but around here, it’s all reality.

Generally speaking, the average sales price for a three-bedroom single-family detached home in Archer Heights is around $244,000, with several nice properties in the $165,000 to $200,000 price range. Larger houses, that have four to six bedrooms, typically cost around $270,000, but there are many Archer Heights homes of this size that sell for between three- and four-hundred thousand dollars. Condos and townhomes are less commonly found on the neighborhood blocks around here, but homebuyers will find the selection of two-bedroom units typically costs around $130,000, on average.

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