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With a rich multicultural influence reflected in the eclectic dining scene, Arcadia Terrace is a quiet tree-lined residential pocket of Chicago that is experiencing new growth and a rebirth of interest, thanks to recent revitalization along Lincoln Avenue. As the neighborhood's main commercial drag, Lincoln Avenue is where you'll find most of the action in Arcadia Terrace. A string of Asian restaurants, plus an American eatery and a unique Eastern European café are popular places to grab a bite around here. But the food scene stretches to the neighborhood's northern border as well, where fondue and West Indian baked goods reign supreme. Other Arcadia Terrace tastes include pizza (this is Chicago) and Irish brews (again, this is Chicago!). The local, non-conventional markets make it a cinch to make meals at home, especially if you've got a recipe for traditional Chinese dishes.

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Arcadia Terrace Real Estate

Arcadia Terrace’s quiet streets are home to classic Chicago architecture that has shaped the neighborhood’s identity and continues to provide an ideal locale for Chicagoans to raise families and first-time homebuyers to find their dream home. Residents and visitors to Arcadia Terrace will notice the autumn color palette that is common throughout the area. Many of the classic bungalows and two-flats were constructed with red or yellow bricks that still characterize the neighborhood streets today, endowing it with a rare brand of timeless charm.

Along the tree-lined walkways edged with manicured green lawns, quaint brick bungalows and traditional two-flats are the prominent residential structures occupying the lots in this small north side Chicago community. Many of these homes were built on the heels of World War I. When public transportation improved in the 1930s, Arcadia Terrace saw an increase in apartment complexes fueled by the growth of a business district along Devon Avenue to the north.

These days, multi-unit residences are in high demand in the neighborhood as more and more new construction condominiums spring up throughout Arcadia Terrace. While some take on a contemporary architectural design, others follow a more traditional approach, mimicking the vintage style of older buildings in the area. The
'Lincoln Bend', or the stretch of Lincoln Avenue that curves through Arcadia Terrace, was once home to several high-rise hotels. Some of these hotels carried a seedy past and were home to vagrant travelers and brothels alike. Today, many of these old hotels are being stripped down and converted into brand new living spaces. Lincoln Avenue is buzzing with fresh development and drawing attention of buyers from a diverse cultural background.

Arcadia Terrace’s attractive north side location has made the land increasingly valuable in recent decades. Generally, you can find a modern three-bedroom condominium here that includes a garage space or two for between $370,000 and $450,000. The average sales price for a two-bedroom condo is around $250,000, although you can find several units for under $200,000. The number of single-family detached homes on the market in the Arcadia Terrace neighborhood is more limited than its multi-unit housing selection. But typically, three-bedroom houses sell for just under $400,000.

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