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Altgeld Gardens Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

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Altgeld Gardens is a modest, easy-going Chicago neighborhood less than a 20-minute drive from the Loop. Located in the southern stretches of the city and surrounded by suburbs, Altgeld Gardens has all the convenience of a Chicago community without the hustle and bustle of city living. The neighborhood park provides residents with a little bit of green space and the perks of an onsite gym, swimming pool, assembly hall and local basketball leagues. Summertime gospel festivals, neighborhood barbecues and annual parades round out the community events in Altgeld Gardens which makes this far south side section of Chicago a tight-knit group.

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Altgeld Gardens Real Estate

While Altgeld Gardens is about as far south as you can get without leaving the Chicago city boundaries, the neighborhood is quite accommodating with very affordable real estate prices and many modest single-family dwellings that offer both living space and yard space. Up and down the winding Altgeld Garden neighborhood streets you’ll find a mixture of split-level homes, raised ranches, and one-story half-duplex units. In the past several years the area has undergone comprehensive renovations to improve both the functionality of homes as well as their aesthetic value.

Generally speaking, housing options in the Altgeld Gardens neighborhood start around thirty or forty thousand for a two- or three-bedroom unit or shared duplex, although the price can reach up to $85,000 for something in better condition. Single-family homes are also quite affordable with one-stories starting at under $50,000. Two-story houses tend to be more expensive with the high end ranging between $150,000 and $180,000.

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