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Welcome To Albany Park

Steeped in a rich tradition of ethnic diversity, Albany Park is a northwest side bastion of unique grocery stores, restaurants and shopping, all nestled within a multicultural community. Residents from Korean, Mexican, Middle Eastern and former Yugoslavian descent bring their influences to one of Chicago's liveliest neighborhoods. In fact, Albany Park holds one of the highest ratios of foreign-born residents in the city, which is reflected in the local fare and youth theater projects. Area teenagers and young adults band together to form a multicultural, ensemble group that embraces today's issues and shares the stories of modern-day immigrants and working-class Chicagoans. Enjoy the international tastes of this diverse neighborhood year round, but when August arrives, get ready to join the fun at the annual Albany Park Summer Fest.

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Albany Park
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Albany Park Home Sales Statistics

Albany Park Facts

Location: 8 miles northwest of the Loop
Bordering Neighborhoods: Irving Park, Ravenswood, Ravenswood Manor, North Mayfair, Mayfair
Boundaries: North Branch of Chicago River to the east, Foster Avenue to the north, Pulaski to the west and Montrose Avenue to the south.
Crime Statistics: Go to CLEARMap to search specific streets and areas for crime incidents

Then and Now

Albany Park Real Estate Way back in 1868, Albany Park welcomed its first settler  a land speculator named Richard Rusk who bought 10 acres in the undeveloped region northwest of Chicago and converted it into a brickyard on the banks of the river. By the 1870s and 80s, Chicagos population was booming, and residents started settling further outside the central city, moving into the territory near Rusks brickyard. Chicago annexed the entire area in 1889-the land that would become Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood.

Less than five years later, a quartet of high-powered real estate investors purchased more than 600 acres of former farmland for residential development. One of the investors included streetcar mogul DeLancy Louderback, who was also an Albany, N.Y native. He lobbied to name the development after his hometown, and worked with his partners to bring transportation lines to the vicinity, a crucial move in its residential and commercial expansion. Centrally located Lawrence Avenue saw its first electric streetcars in 1896, and another streetcar that ran north along Kedzie Avenue to meet Lawrence Avenue was finished in 1913. But it was the extension of the Ravenswood elevated track (now the Brown Line) to Lawrence and Kimball avenues in 1907 that made the most significant impact on the development of Albany Park and its transportation abilities. The completion of the Ravenswood 'El' sparked a rapid growth in construction, most of which was close to the train station at the intersection of Lawrence and Kimball avenues. Between 1910 and 1920, the neighborhood saw its population more than triple, from 7,000 inhabitants to more than 26,000. A decade later, Albany Parks population more than doubled again, to more than 55,000 people.

When it was still farmland, the area was largely populated by working class Germans and Swedes. But after 1912, a sizeable number of Russian Jews who were fleeing the overcrowded neighborhoods of the citys near west side, moved to Albany Park in search of more space to plant roots and raise their families. The neighborhood remained predominantly Jewish until after World War II, when many Jewish families moved out of the city to the North Shore suburbs.

Suburban flight led to a period of social and economic decline in Albany Park until 1978, when several neighborhood associations sought to improve the areas appearance and eliminate the vacated storefronts. For the next two decades, low interest loan programs and streetscape beautification initiatives increased neighborhood property values. Suddenly, a new wave of immigrants from Mexico and Asia moved in, bringing a new cultural vitality to Albany Park neighborhood. By the year 1990, this northwest Chicago community was home to the citys largest number of immigrants from the Philippines, Guatemala and Korea. Today the area maintains its niche as a launch pad for recently arrived immigrant groups and cultures from around the world.


Albany Parks ethnic vibrancy carries over into its park system, which includes a slew of play places and cultural learning centers that make for lazy summer days spent outdoors. You ready to dive in? Eugene Field Park (5100 N Ridgeway Ave, 773-478-9744) complete with its own Chicago Park District Cultural Center, is a 12-acre recreational hub for the area, offering a number of community programs that range from theater and arts to recreation and sports. Officially designated a CPD Cultural Center in 2001, the building has since served as home base for the Albany Park Theater Project (APTP). Since its inception in 1997, the ensemble of local teenage players creates original theater from real life stories and experiences in their own community.

A brilliant 45-foot by 10-foot clay and ceramic mosaic lights up the exterior of the Eugene Field house, depicting scenes from poems by late childrens poet, Eugene Field. Once inside, park patrons have access to numerous athletic programs. The Chicago River snakes through the bulk of the park, providing a serene landscape for visitors. The park also features an outdoor basketball court, a grass-covered football/soccer field, four tennis courts, a playground, an outdoor and indoor pool, a ceramics studio, and much more.

Additionally, Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood includes several smaller parks, such as Jensen Park (4650 N Lawndale Ave, 312-742-7054) and Ronan Park (3000 W Argyle St), a recreational space that joins the Chicago River with a historic pumping station. In the 1990s, Ronan Park benefited from a rehabilitation project that not only added acreage to its land, but created a new bike path and larger recreational corridor along the river. For moms and tots, there are a few, smaller playlot options in the area, including Buckeye Playlot (4900 N Troy St, 312-742-7591) and Kiwanis Park (3315 W Carmen Ave).

Albany Park Real Estate

Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood boasts diversity from both the cultural and real estate standpoint. Housing options vary from brick multi-unit courtyard buildings near the Kimball and Lawrence 'El' (elevated train) hub to elegant two- and three-flats on the outskirts of the neighborhood. The western streets of the neighborhood are dotted with sturdy brick bungalows that evoke a rare brand of vintage charm.

Check out our Albany Park home sales statistics [here] to get an idea of the real estate market trends in this neighborhood.

Albany Park Homes for Sale

Whats on the Menu?

Chicago's Albany Park maintains one of the highest ratios of foreign-born residents in Chicago-and its diverse cultural makeup certainly comes to play on its local menus. While the majority of the areas foreign-born residents are from Latin America (mainly Mexico and Guatemala), a substantial number hail from Korea, the Philippines, former Yugoslavia and the Middle East. Fortunately for Albany Park neighborhood residents, everyone gets to feast on the ethnic offerings at restaurants that spice up the local streets.

On the Middle Eastern tip, great ethnic food hideaways such as Noon-O-Kabab (4661 N Kedzie Ave, 773-279-8899) give good face to Persian cuisine, boasting its ever-popular dill rice. Middle Eastern platters such as lamb shank and kebabs all make an appearance here. The lines can get a little hairy, so be prepared to wait.

Weve scoped out a few hidden gems on the BYOB front that also indulge our cravings for Middle Eastern fare in Albany Park, one restaurant in particular: Semiramis (4639-41 N Kedzie Ave, 773-279-8900). This quaint dining nook features a roster of Lebanese favorites, including shawarma (a Middle Eastern-style sandwich), daj meshwi (marinated rotisserie chicken), and fattoush (a salad of chopped veggies, mint and lemon), to name a few. This eatery continues to be one of Albany Parks best-kept dining secrets.

Youll unearth a culinary treasure at Chicago Kalbi restaurant (3752 W Lawrence Ave, 773-604-8183), which serves up authentic, cook-it-yourself yakiniku (the Japanese version of Korean barbecue). Grill up short ribs tabletop and then wrap up the spicy meat in lettuce leaves and enjoy a flaming slice of heaven.

Check out the Great Sea Chinese Restaurant (3254 W. Lawrence Avenue 773-478-9129) which has been serving dishes both simple and complex. Craving sautéed sharks fin with three sea delicacies? Stop on by. Even if you dont live in Chicago's Albany Park, Great Seas chicken wings are worth the trip, and the elegant interior, belied by the understated exterior, will make your trip even more of a treat.

As a family establishment, Ban Po Jung (3450 W Foster Ave, 773-583-5209) offers generous portions of its beef noodle soup and fried fish. Albany Park also boasts a decent-sized corridor of Thai restaurants along Kedzie Avenue. The likes of Aruns Thai Restaurant (4156 N Kedzie Ave, 773-539-1909) spice up the street with steaming noodle dishes and exotic soups.

Best Shopping Stops

Albany Parks shopping district is certainly no Magnificent Mile, but the neighborhood boasts a few retail treasures, for those willing to hunt.

When it comes to shopping, Albany Park is more about grocery goods than high-end trends. The neighborhoods diverse cultural flair shines through in its offerings of seasonal produce and fresh meats at local markets including Al-Khyam Grocery and Meat (4738 N Kedzie Ave, 773-583-3077).

Find other fresh culinary delights with ethnic inspirations at Andys Fruit Ranch (4725 N Kedzie Ave, 773-583-2322) where inexpensive meats and cheeses cram the shelves offering Albany Parkers an array of flavor-packed proteins. Take home a bottle of imported wine and browse through Andys collection of European chocolates. No fruit or veggie is too exotic for his worldly market! Keeping with its eclectic mix, Andys also maintains a well-stocked selection of Mexican grocery items.

Night on the Town

Once night falls, settle into the relaxed vibe of Albany Parks laid back nightlife. No worries about dressing up  those who cocktail in Albany Park are surrounded by a couple of places that welcome you to dress down and hang-out with a casual crowd of neighborhood locals and chilled-out Chicagoans.

We like to start out at Montrose Saloon (2933 W Montrose Ave, 773-463-7663) taking in the carefree clatter of cocktails and good friends. In summer, patrons spend lazy afternoons on the patio sipping frosty beers and playing a round of horseshoes. On the more exotic tip, The Pharaohs Hookah Café (3949 W Lawrence Ave, 773-946-6565) provides Albany Park residents with the aroma of Middle Eastern influences, boasting one of the citys best hookah bars since 1986. The weekends lend to a relaxed atmosphere with music and live dancing, however the tabletops remain BYOB.


One of Albany Parks most coveted community groups is the Albany Park Theater Project, a multicultural ensemble of teenagers who create original theater based on real life stories stemming from the areas significant immigrant population. Albany Park Theatre Project is resident at the Eugene Field Cultural Center (5100 N Ridgeway Ave, 773-478-9744). This isnt Broadway, but the one-of-a-kind shows put on by this talented troupe of young actors is a cultural treasure, special to this northwest side Chicago neighborhood.

Mark Your Calendar

Summer is the season for Chicago festivals, and Albany Park has its own unique celebrations that showcase the neighborhoods multicultural swagger.

August in Albany Park is a fun time of year. Festival-goers can enjoy their barbecue and beer in the sun at the annual Albany Park Summer Fest (3542 West Sunnyside Avenue). Held in August, Albany Parks one-day outdoor affair ensures residents get their fill of summer fun and friends, rain or shine.

Getting Around

Staying true to its historic roots, the hub of Albany Parks public transportation is still found at the crux of Lawrence and Kimball avenues, at the end (or beginning, depending how you look at it) of the Brown Line elevated 'El' train route. Originally constructed in 1907 as the 'Ravenswood Line', the Brown Line is the most historic of all the CTA trains and still functions-fairly reliably-transporting millions of Chicagoans throughout the city. Stops in Albany Park include Kimball, Kedzie and Francisco all serving the southeast corner of the neighborhood. To get downtown, the Brown Line conveniently takes passengers to the Loop in about 30 to 35 minutes.

For those traveling by bus, the #92 Foster Avenue bus, #82 Central Park/31st bus and #93 California Avenue bus all route public transportation riders to surrounding destinations in Albany Park.

If youve got your own car, street parking in Albany Park is also relatively convenient, although some areas require permits, so check carefully. There are no noisy expressways within the boundaries of Albany Park neighborhood, which is a bonus in our book, especially when the entrance to I-90/94 is less than a mile west, providing quick and easy access for getting downtown or heading out to the suburbs.

Bicyclists can take advantage of the marked lane on Lawrence Avenue and the many bike friendly roads that include Kedzie, Kimball, Central Park, and more. There are also bike trails along the Chicago River, for riders looking for a more scenic route.

Schools in Session

Albany Parks multicultural character carries over into its neighborhood schools. Albany Park Multicultural Academy is the neighborhoods middle school, housing 7th and 8th grades while there are a handful of elementary schools to choose from that all offer a small classroom and intimate atmosphere. The one high school in the neighborhood, the Theodore Roosevelt High School, houses almost 1,500 students. In addition to the following list of educational facilities in Albany Park neighborhood, visit our Chicago Schools Guide for more information on Chicago area schools.

Palmer Elementary School: 5051 N Kenneth Avenue, (773) 534-3704
Alessandro Volta Elementary School: 4950 N Avers Avenue, (773) 534-5080
Hibbard Elementary School: 3244 W Ainslie Street, (773) 534-5191
Albany Park Multicultural Academy: 4929 N Sawyer Avenue, (773) 534-5108
North River Elementary School: 4416 N Troy Street, (773) 534-0590
Roosevelt High School: 3436 W Wilson Avenue, (773) 534-5000
Haugan Elementary School, 4540 N Hamlin Avenue, (773) 534-5040

Basic Needs

From shopping to stamps, we compiled a list of places in Albany Park neighborhood that cover all your basic, everyday needs. The following is just a taste of what Albany Park has to offer. Discover the rest as you explore the neighborhood for yourself.


Asian Cuisine
Noodles Party  4205 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 205-0505
Peking Mandarin  3459 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-5338
VIP Restaurant  3254 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 588-2727
Great Sea Chinese Restaurant  3254 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-9129
Lawrence Fish Market  3914 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-9129
Chicago Kalbi Restaurant  3752 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 604-8183
Hiromis Oriental Restaurant  3609 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 588-6764
Wok Cuisine  4554 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 588-8883
Ssyal Ginseng House  4201 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 427-5296
Chens Garden  4445 N Pulaski Rd  (773) 267-3388
Thai Valley  4600 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 588-2020
Café Orient 33  4829 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 509-6538
Seo Hae Restaurant  3534 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-2444

Bakeries/Sweets Shops
Al-Khyam Bakery  4746 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-3077
Markellos Baking Co  3520 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-9344
New York Bakery  3455 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-9344
Dokil Bakery  3844 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-3551
Tannourine Bakery  4806 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-2253
Salgados Bakery  4710 N Kimball Ave.  (773) 267-2917
Nazareth Sweets  4638 North Kedzie Ave.  (773) 463-2457
Durango Bakery  3554 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-5171
Taximaroa Bakery  3954 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 588-0860
Feyrous Pastries  4510 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 478-4230
La Baguette Bakery  4741 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-0952
Panaderia Pasteleria Bakery  3954 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 588-0860
The Sweet Spot  4806 N Christiana Ave.  (773_ 267-4800

McGills Bar & Grill  4553 N Pulaski Rd  (773) 478-6096
Leader Bar  3000 W Irving Park  (773) 478-2337
Alibaba Hookah Bar  4046 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 202-1992
Modelo Club House Restaurant  3548 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-6072
Hot Dog Station  4742 N Kimball Ave.  (773) 588-2580
Sunnyday Tap  4953 N Elston Ave.  (773) 725-5080
First Slice  4664 N Manor Ave.  (773) 267-0169
West River Café  4400 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 866-2133
Sarpinos Pizzeria  4830 N Pulaski Ave.  (773) 205-1111
La Mamas Pizza  4839 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 588-0400
El Velero de Nayarit  3300 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 539-5797
Murphs Place  3930 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 463-0060
Georges Grill Kebab  3216 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 588-1800
Yummy Buffet  3925 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-3388
Huddle House Grill  4748 N Kimball Ave.  (773) 588-5363
Robz Restaurant  3119 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 463-5363
Bar Albany  3106 W Eastwood Ave.  (914) 645-0065
Montrose Saloon  2933 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 463-7663
The Pharaohs Café  3949 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-8400

Cafés/Coffee Shops
Brothers Coffee Shop  4720 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 588-1553
Starbucks  4830 N Pulaski Rd  (773) 282-9503
Dunkin Donuts  4045 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 427-9777

Italian Cuisine
Golden Crust Pizzeria  4620 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 539-5860
Angelos Pizza & Mi Rancho  3026 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 539-0111
Vinis Pizza  4009 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 282-1242
Maries Pizza & Liquors  4127 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 725-1812

Latin American Cuisine
Taqueria Los Mogotes  4959 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 463-5612
Ay Ay Picante Peruvian Cuisine  4569 N Elston Ave.  (773) 427-4239
La Casa De Roy Moy  4410 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 267-5619
Pollo Campero  4830 N Pulaski Rd  (773) 282-1966
Taco Chino  4712 N Kimball Ave.  (773) 866-1530
Taqueria El Primo  3500 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 942-6623

Middle Eastern Cuisine
Noon O Kabab  4661 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 279-9309
Semiramis  4639 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 279-8900
Arabesk Palace Restaurant and Café  3737 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-5354
Salam  4636 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-0776
Ur Café  3222 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-3222
Al-Khaymeih  4748 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-0999

Emergency Rooms

Swedish Covenant Hospital   5145 N California Ave.  (773) 878-8200 


Gypsy Jazz Chicago  4516 N Troy St.  (607) 592-4530
Halcyon Theatre  3334 W Wilson Ave.  (773) 413-0453


Albany Park Summer Fest  3400 W Leland Ave.  (773) 604-8489

Grocery Stores

Andys Fruit Ranch  4733 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-2322
Al-Khyam Bakery & Grocery  4738 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-3077
Mayfair Market  4728 N Pulaski Rd  (773) 685-3900
Joes Food & Liquors  3626 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-1078
Sahar Meat International Supermarket  4508 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 583-7772
Chicago Produce  3500 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-4325
Kapatid Oriental Store  3538 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 267-1426
Cleopatra Meat & Grocery  4603 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 539-0080
Aldi Foods  5001 N Pulaski Rd
Supermercado Lindo Michoacan  3142 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 279-8834


BodyWorxs Chicago  4650 N Kedzie Ave.  (888) 630-2639
XSport Fitness  4677 N Elston Ave.  (773) 202-9800


Chicago Public Library  4400 W Lawrence Ave.  (312) 744-1254


Gompers Park  4222 W Foster Ave.  (773) 685-3270
Eugene Field Park  5100 N Ridgeway Ave.  (773) 478-9744
Horner Park  2741 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 478-3499
Ravenswood Manor Park  4626 N Manor Ave


Modern Gifts & Pharmacy  3432 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 588-6055
CVS Pharmacy  4540 N Pulaski Rd  (773) 283-5777
Walgreens  4010 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 286-0309
Parks Pharmacy  3236 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-3939

Post Office

US Post Office  4749 N Bernard St.  (773) 583-9530


Albany Office Supply  3419 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 267-6000
Universal Gift Store  3600 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-6074
Crafty Beaver Home Centers  3850 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 478-5510
Village Discount Outlet  3301 W Lawrence Ave.  (708) 338-4772
Chicago Gadgets Store  4611 N Kedzie Ave.  (773) 463-9999
Woofer Electronics Distributors  4970 N Elston Ave.  (773) 283-8286
Mosaicos  4948 N Pulanski Rd  (773) 777-8453
Payless Shoes  3401 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 267-5239
House of Wedding  3451 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 463-2001
European Connection Furniture  3102 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 478-0042
Modern Home Furnishings  3030 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 908-0321
Marys Flowers and Gifts  3318 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 509-1683
Kmart  5033 N Elston Ave.  (773) 685-1121
Gamestop  2754 W Montrose Ave.  (773) 539-3625
Doro Jewelry Shop - 3405 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 267-4646
Armory Chicago  3450 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 463-6558
Kims International Music  4200 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 725-7700
135 Outlet  3540 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 583-4858
Rave Sports  3346 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 588-7176
New York Shoes Imports Inc  3310 W Lawrence Ave.  (773) 539-5242


Chicago Transit Authority (888) 968-7282

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Albany Park Community Center
Albany Park Chamber of Commerce