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Albany Park (31)Altgeld Gardens (25)Andersonville (58)Arcadia Terrace (34)Archer Heights (31)Ashburn (27)Avalon Park (30)Avondale (26)Back of the Yards (39)Belmont Central (28)Belmont Gardens (28)Belmont Heights (29)Belmont Terrace (27)Beverly (46)Beverly Woods (18)Big Oaks (42)Bohemian Ntl Cemetery (23)Bowmanville (33)Brainerd (34)Bridgeport (78)Brighton Park (34)Bronzeville (60)Bucktown (38)Budlong Woods (44)Buena Park (28)Burnside (55)Cabrini Green (55)Calumet Heights (34)Chatham (34)Chicago Lawn (33)Chinatown (27)Clearing (25)Cottage Grove Heights (25)Craigin (30)Dearborn Park (41)DePaul (50)Douglas (14)Douglas Park (35)Dunning (28)East Chicago (37)East Garfield Park (18)East Rogers Park (41)East Village (27)Edgebrook (40)Edgewater (62)Edison Park (50)Englewood (44)Fifth City (36)Ford City (16)Forest Glen (44)Fuller Park (14)Fulton River District (46)Gage Park (35)Galewood (26)Garfield Ridge (46)Gold Coast (63)Goose Island (29)Graceland Cemetery (18)Graceland West (46)Grand Crossing (30)Gresham (43)Hanson Park (29)Hermosa (31)Hollywood Park (42)Homan Square (43)Humboldt Park (27)Hyde Park (31)Industrial Corridor (32)Irving Park (26)Irving Woods (40)Jackson Park Highlands (32)Jefferson Park (44)Kelvyn Park (26)Kennedy Park (24)Lakeview (53)Lakeview East (78)Lakewood Balmoral (44)Lathrop (34)Lawndale (30)LeClaire Courts (14)Lincoln Park (70)Lincoln Square (42)Little Village (38)Logan Square (34)Longwood Manor (27)Loop (113)Margate Park (40)Marquette Park (36)Marycrest (19)Marynook (28)Mayfair (28)McKinley Park (42)Medical District (32)Midway (26)Morgan Park (37)Mount Greenwood (28)Near North (58)Near South Side (33)Noble Square (9)North Austin (23)North Center (48)North Mayfair (24)North Park (56)Norwood Park (50)O'Hare (45)Oakland (36)Old Irving Park (28)Old Norwood Park (37)Old Town (49)Old Town Triangle (65)Oriole Park (49)Park Manor (50)Parkview (20)Peterson Park (49)Peterson Park Grounds (31)Peterson Woods (39)Pill Hill (34)Pilsen (55) Portage Park (27)Prairie District (44)Princeton Park (31)Printers Row (45)Pullman (45)Ravenswood (34)Ravenswood Gardens (25)Ravenswood Manor (37)River North (48)River West (39)Roscoe Village (47)Rosehill Cemetery (38)Roseland (33)Rosemoor (61)Sauganash (73)Schorsch Forest View (43)Schorsch Village (26)Scottsdale (31)Sheridan Park (42)Sleepy Hollow (15)South Austin (26)South Chicago (54)South Deering (34)South Edgebrook (39)South Loop (45)South Shore (44)St. Ben's (32)Streeterville (62)The Gap (32)Tri Taylor (23)Ukrainian Village (7)Union Ridge (46)United Center Park (28)Uptown (36)Vittum Park (37)Washington Heights (24)Washington Park (41)West Beverly (29)West Chatham (47)West Chesterfield (51)West Elsdon (30)West Englewood (35)West Garfield Park (43)West Humboldt Park (28)West Lakeview (42)West Loop (70)West Morgan Park (17)West Pullman (42)West Rogers Park (33)Westlawn (29)Wicker Park (37)Wildwood (36)Woodlawn (28)Wrightwood (28)Wrigleyville (48)

Dream Town sent photographers out to every corner of Chicago to create an online album of the city's various neighborhoods and local landmarks. Check out the selection of photos below for a detailed glimpse of what you'll find in Pilsen. Our photographers went to every length to provide a full and comprehensive picture of this section of Chicago, so take a look and see what Pilsen is all about.

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a street corner in Pilsen

Views: 2605 | Ratings: 913

  • the skyline peeks above a park

    Views: 1572
    Ratings: 513

  • mural painted on a brick wall

    Views: 2817
    Ratings: 583

  • two story buildings

    Views: 1242
    Ratings: 487

  • large multi unit

    Views: 1248
    Ratings: 560

  • murals on building

    Views: 1370
    Ratings: 494

  • multi use brown building

    Views: 2785
    Ratings: 696

  • a baseball field in Pilsen

    Views: 1792
    Ratings: 547

  • bus stop at intersection

    Views: 2322
    Ratings: 666

  • two houses and an empty lot

    Views: 1010
    Ratings: 439

  • grey sidewalk in a park area

    Views: 2422
    Ratings: 566

  • church on corner

    Views: 962
    Ratings: 467

  • architecturally significant church

    Views: 1885
    Ratings: 576

  • variety of multi level brick buildings

    Views: 2142
    Ratings: 726

  • brick buildings in Pilsen

    Views: 1234
    Ratings: 479

  • yellow brick building

    Views: 1552
    Ratings: 572

  • colorful murals and paintings

    Views: 1328
    Ratings: 529

  • brownstone buildings

    Views: 1768
    Ratings: 452

  • two story buildings with commercial spaces

    Views: 1071
    Ratings: 417

  • apartments and houses in Pilsen

    Views: 904
    Ratings: 423

  • interesting looking building with residential and commercial spaces

    Views: 962
    Ratings: 426

  • red brick two story building

    Views: 1373
    Ratings: 467

  • mixed use building

    Views: 909
    Ratings: 417

  • small and larger multi units

    Views: 947
    Ratings: 423

  • one story red brick school building

    Views: 1024
    Ratings: 407

  • three story red brick building

    Views: 1301
    Ratings: 534

  • beautiful church

    Views: 1448
    Ratings: 429

  • multi unit with church

    Views: 1498
    Ratings: 515

  • mural of children

    Views: 1484
    Ratings: 592

  • a three-story apartment building

    Views: 1011
    Ratings: 404

  • hydrant in front of white multi unit

    Views: 867
    Ratings: 387

  • massive church building

    Views: 864
    Ratings: 404

  • paintings of women

    Views: 1520
    Ratings: 662

  • National Museum of Mexican Art

    Views: 1132
    Ratings: 503

  • a painting of a man

    Views: 888
    Ratings: 426

  • a large building in Pilsen

    Views: 1007
    Ratings: 468

  • brick building with a dome shape roof

    Views: 889
    Ratings: 389

  • A local convenience store on the corner

    Views: 849
    Ratings: 369

  • three story multi unit buildings

    Views: 955
    Ratings: 437

  • bus stop on Ashland

    Views: 977
    Ratings: 412

  • potted plants on sidewalk

    Views: 923
    Ratings: 441

  • red brick single-family home

    Views: 845
    Ratings: 384

  • Ashland avenue

    Views: 1236
    Ratings: 493

  • a street corner in Pilsen

    Views: 2605
    Ratings: 913

  • a row of red brick buildings

    Views: 845
    Ratings: 447

  • houses in a row on a street

    Views: 979
    Ratings: 455

  • home, white gate, tree

    Views: 880
    Ratings: 417

  • large red brick building

    Views: 1322
    Ratings: 569

  • red apartment building

    Views: 900
    Ratings: 423

  • red brick four story building

    Views: 901
    Ratings: 447

  • buildings with commercial spaces on the first floor

    Views: 998
    Ratings: 441

  • single-family house in Pilsen

    Views: 968
    Ratings: 444

  • vines crawling up a wall

    Views: 848
    Ratings: 425

  • red brick building with large windows

    Views: 883
    Ratings: 410

  • large yellow brick house behind grey gate

    Views: 892
    Ratings: 436

  • huge windows in a street level commercial space

    Views: 1087
    Ratings: 453

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