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Commercial Real Estate with Corporate Realty Advocates

Navigating Chicago's commercial real estate is a challenge, and if you don't know what you're looking for, it's easy to miss the city's best opportunities. So Dream Town's commercial real estate specialists are offering you the inside track on Chicago's most noteworthy corporate real estate activity. Corporate Realty Advocates, a branch of Dream Town Realty, maintains constant contact with the city's leading brokers, commercial real estate owners and investors, ensuring that you're provided the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Tenant Representation

If you're currently in the market for office space or other commercial real estate, trust CRA as your Chicago tenant representative. Representatives will develop a series of strategic solutions to address your key business requirements and provide you with the most suitable options for your budget and expectations. In addition to helping you find the best property, our staff will also work with your legal team to negotiate all aspects of the applicable lease. Our goal is that you be satisfied with your property selection and that you feel secure in the terms of your lease.

Chicago Office Space for Rent

CRA and Dream Town understand that real estate investors often rely on a 1031 exchange to increase their overall returns while rolling from one investment to another. When, in the midst of these transitions, you need to market Chicago office space for rent, CRA can effectively manage the lease of your property while also assisting in your property exchange. Our agents will secure a qualified intermediary to facilitate your 1031 exchange, help you locate a replacement property and aggressively market your existing property on both the Dream Town and CRA sites, as well as the MLS.

Construction Consulting Services

In addition to the management of existing properties, CRA is also a leader in construction consulting services. We have forged strategic partnerships with Chicago-based companies that will provide preliminary construction estimates at no cost, plus we'll manage all construction consultant interviews. Once a direction is set for the construction of your property, we will work side-by-side with construction crews and consultants to ensure an efficient work schedule and successful completion of the project.

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CRA has worked with hundreds of Chicago tenants and commercial property owners since 1987 and we're confident that these services will more than satisfy your needs for commercial real estate. Whether you seek general representation, workplace integration, corporate finance assistance or construction consulting, we can provide efficient, effective and quality service.