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Then and Now

Located in Will County (about 30 miles southwest of Chicago), Bolingbrook is one of Chicago's most desirable suburbs. With its beautiful streets, parks and real estate, Bolingbrook is the ideal place to start a family.

The town of Bolingbrook, Illinois first emerged in the 1960s, on somewhat shaky ground. You see, it all started when the Dover Construction Company began advertising its brand new "Bolingbrook Subdivision" to Chicago families, soon after the Stevenson Expressway (I-55) had been completed. The new highway provided a quick and easy means of commuting to and from Chicago, so folks were enticed to live outside the city and drive in for work. The promised subdivision, however, wasn't as some homebuyers might have hoped. Many families were conned into purchasing homes that were sold (to their dismay) with unfinished, cement floors and treeless dirt lawns on unpaved roads. Hardly the idyllic setting associated with Bolingbrook today.

Just a year after the Stevenson Expressway was completed the village of Bolingbrook was officially incorporated in 1965 and three separate subdivisions owned by Dover were joined. In the first few years before its incorporation, a church and a grocery store had been built in the town, but little else. By the late '60s, though, a couple of restaurants had popped up, and in 1970 the Bolingbrook Park District was established. After a short decade of steady land acquisition the park district was named the best in the country.

By 1971, a new wave of subdivision development and home construction had begun at breakneck speed. At least five new subdivisions were built in Bolingbrook in the span of about three years, making Bolingbrook one of the fastest-growing Chicago suburbs. In 1974, the Bolingbrook High School opened, and the following year a library and a community center were added to the village. Also that year, the Old Chicago amusement park - the world's first all-indoor theme park - was built. Old Chicago was so popular the first few weeks it was open, traffic through Bolingbrook was a continuous nightmare, as the park attracted around 50,000 visitors each weekend. Alas, even with such a strong initial reception, the entertainment mecca announced bankruptcy within two years, and by 1980 it was forced to close.

Over the course of the 1970s, Bolingbrook's population quadrupled to nearly 40,000 in 1980. During the same period, the town greatly expanded its physical boundaries to accommodate the growing number of residents. Village infrastructure and schools caught up with the expansion in the 1980s and the population leveled off. Then, perhaps in response to recent improvements, another large wave of newcomers moved to the Bolingbrook suburb in the 1990s, nearly doubling its populace again.

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Park is the Place

The Bolingbrook Park District was established in 1970, and like the rest of the town, it experienced rapid growth throughout the decade. By 1976, the Bolingbrook Athletic Council was formed to recommend improvements of athletic facilities and to coordinate the use of fields. With some of the best athletic and recreational facilities in town, Central Park is the most popular and widely-used public park in Bolingbrook. The community grounds are home to the Annerino Community Center and the BJ Ward Elementary School, and feature lighted playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, and baseball, soccer and football fields. Central Park's most recent addition is the 14,400-square-foot Central Park Skate Park, which was introduced in 2004. Indian Boundary Park, located between Boughton and Royce roads, is Bolingbrook's largest park with more than 76 acres. The expansive recreation spot includes lighted baseball and soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, miles of biking and hiking trails, and it has a good-size skate park as well.

Bolingbrook also has an impressive network of bike paths and walking routes that give area residents an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and stretch the legs a bit. There are three major branches to the trail system, the DuPage River Greenway, the ComEd Greenway, and the Lily Cache Greenway, each of which are connected to the other, giving cyclists access to several neighborhood schools and businesses along the way. The existing bike path is part of a larger plan that will connect more than 40 miles of trail running along the east branch of the DuPage River with another 20-mile tributary along the Lily Cache Creek.

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Hit the Links

Another one of Bolingbrook's featured attractions is the town's golf facilities. There are two premier golf courses in Bolingbrook, Illinois, both of which are sure to give you a good challenge. The 18-hole course at the Bolingbrook Golf Club (2001 Rodeo Dr, 630-771-9400) is considered to be one of the best (and most difficult) courses in the Chicagoland area. In addition to the par 72 championship course, the Bolingbrook Golf Club features a state-of-the-art 76,000-square-foot clubhouse with two restaurants, lounges, and men's and women's locker rooms.

The suburb's other series of greens is a nine-hole setup operated by the Bolingbrook Park District at Boughton Ridge Golf Course (335 E Boughton Rd, 630-739-4100). The course is an executive length par 32, featuring water on seven of the nine holes and at least 20 sand bunkers. The facilities at Boughton Ridge are great, and when you compare their $15 green fees to the $90-$100 charge at the Bolingbrook Golf Club, the price is right, too.

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Real Estate

Gone are the days of the Dover developments of the 1960s when the bulk of Bolingbrook housing options were limited to stripped-out houses in dusty subdivisions. These days, the real estate market in Bolingbrook is healthy and diverse. Homebuyers find beautiful residences in a tranquil, idyllic suburban community. Close enough to Chicago that the daily commute is a breeze, most residents prefer the pace of life in Bolingbrook over that of the big city and some of the more populous suburbs.

The Bolingbrook real estate scene is expansive, offering a wide range of prices and housing types to homebuyers. The majority of residences were built within the last 50 years and have that small town charm associated with many Midwestern neighborhoods. Single-story houses, ranches and split-levels are the most common home styles found in Bolingbrook. Many of these properties are listed for between $130,000 and $250,000. There is a good selection of two-story homes in the $200,000s and large, new construction houses bump up the price point to the $300,000s and $400,000s.

The average sale price for a detached, three-bedroom home in Bolingbrook, Illinois is around $230,000. The average sale price for larger, single-family residences hover in the low $300,000s, although there are several luxury real estate properties in the area valued between $750,000 and $900,000. Attached homes (condos and townhouses) in Bolingbrook typically sell for less than detached houses. The average sale price for two- and three-bedroom units is about $165,000.

Bolingbrook Residential Real Estate Info for Single-Family Detached Homes

Average Sale Price 2005-2006 Average # of Days on the Market Number of Sales 2005-2006 One Year Price Change Price Change Since 94
$271,318 56 1,076 10% 117%

Source: Multiple Listings Service of Northern Illinois

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What's on the Menu?

The dining landscape in the western suburbs of Chicago may be dominated by chain eateries, but it's by no means limited to the same old, same old. There are a number of independent restaurants in Bolingbrook, and a handful of places that won't break the bank either.

One of the best meals you can get in Bolingbrook is in the clubhouse of the Bolingbrook Golf Club at the Nest Bar & Grill (2001 Rodeo Drive, 630-771-9400). The casual restaurant has a comfortable dining room with oak chairs and tables overlooking the fairways. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, with meals ranging from sandwiches and finger food to rib-eye and New York strip steaks. The dinner menu features a nice mix of seafood, poultry and red meat, along with a long list of shareable appetizers. There's also a fine dining companion to the Nest at the Bolingbrook Golf Club, the East Room (2001 Rodeo Dr, 630-771-9400), where you can enjoy white tablecloth dining on special occasions. There, you can sink your teeth into lobster tails, duck breast, osso bucco, and escargot. The East Room is easily the most elegant place to grab a bite in Bolingbrook. The menu selection, which is attributed to executive Chef Brad Elston, is outstanding, and the tuxedo-clad wait staff is, as you would expect, well-trained and extremely attentive.

In addition to the Bolingbrook Golf Club, another popular spot for casual dining is Branmor's American Grill (300 Veterans Pkwy, 630-226-9926). Known mostly for its steaks, Branmor's serves classic American cuisine mixed with dishes from the world over. To give you an idea, the barbeque ribs are the favorite dish of the house, however the pecan encrusted trout, surf and turf, and filet mignon are high on the list of must-haves, as well. In addition to the steak and seafood options, Branmor's offers a pasta menu with about a half dozen Italian specialties, and a handful of different salads to complement your selection. Another good option for consistently good American fare in Bolingbrook is the Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant (639 E Boughton Rd, 630-679-1470).

For a little departure from American menus, try heading over to Taste of the Orient (459 N Bolingbrook Dr, 630-226-9500). At first glance, this place looks and sounds like your typical Chinese takeout restaurant, but to the surprise of many first timers, the cuisine is actually Filipino and taste is anything but typical. The family-owned restaurant serves traditional Filipino favorites and some Chinese standbys, like Mongolian beef. The featured desert is the halo-halo, a sweet concoction of coconut, rice, dried flan, and shredded plantain. However, if you're less familiar with Filipino food and would like to try a larger sampling, be sure to dine in on a Sunday afternoon, when a large buffet that includes soups and dessert is offered.

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Best Shopping Stops

If shopping is your pleasure, you'll find yourself in good company in Bolingbrook. Although the town doesn't have a large shopping mall like many of the other Chicago suburbs, several national retailers do have large stores in Bolingbrook, with the majority of them located on Boughton and Weber roads. First, there are the big box chains like Target (1188 W Boughton Rd, 630-378-5544), Wal-Mart (200 S Bolingbrook Dr, 630-739-4800), Home Depot (105 N Weber Rd, 630-771-1109), and Best Buy (317 N Weber Rd, 630-759-8191), to name a few. There are also the big national bookstores, like Borders Books & Music (161 N Weber Rd, 630-771-9560) and Barnes & Noble (631 E Boughton Rd, 630-783-0009). There are also a few shoe shops, sporting goods retailers, and home furnishing showrooms. Red Wing Shoe Store (309 N Weber Rd, 630-378-9755) is one of the few remaining American shoe makers. They sell both work and casual boots and shoes, ranging from leather slippers to steel-toe combat boots.

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Night on the Town

The bar scene in Bolingbrook, as you might expect to see in a quiet suburb, is pretty low-key. There aren't any true nightclubs in town, so it's probably not the greatest place to try to go dancing, but there are a number of friendly watering holes where you can grab a pint, pull up a bar stool and catch the game on TV.

The best place for watching a game with fellow fans is probably the 46 Zone Sports Bar and Grill (730 N Bolingbrook Dr, 630-739-4646). The bar is located in the clubhouse of Ditka's Sports Dome, a large indoor sports facility, so it's a convenient place to go after driving some golf balls or playing soccer. The preferred pub in town, though, is the Gordon Biersch Brewery (639 E Boughton Rd, 630-679-1470), a national chain with an outpost in Bolingbrook. The beers at Gordon Biersch are brewed on the premises, and they're some of the best around - just ask the regulars. There are always at least six craft-brewed beers on tap at any given time and, in addition to the impressive beer selection, Gordon Biersch features a full bar and one of the best restaurants in Bolingbrook.

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If there's a summer blockbuster or epic film with Oscar-potential to catch on the big screen, you can bet Bolingbrook residents will head over to the 12-theater multiplex at the ShowPlace 12 (1221 W Boughton Rd, 630-759-8823). The ShowPlace is cheaper than other first-run movie theaters in Chicagoland, as an adult ticket is only $7 and matinees are just four bucks! With prices like that, there's plenty left over to stock up on popcorn and candy.

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Mark Your Calendar

Unlike many of the other Chicago suburbs, the most anticipated festival on the Bolingbrook community calendar doesn't occur in the summer. Instead, residents look forward to the annual Festival of Lights, which is held each winter at the Bolingbrook Town Center. The event features children's games, carriage rides, and ice sculpting, but the gingerbread house contest easily has the biggest draw. Still, the highlight of the festival is the official Christmas tree lighting and visits from Santa Claus.

In mid-August, the town hosts the Bolingbrook Dance Festival (201 Recreation Dr, 630-739-0272), held at the Annerino Community Center. The center offers a complete program of dance lessons and recitals all year round, but the Dance Festival is the event that area dancers all look forward to. The festival showcases a number of different genres and styles from around the world that are performed by professionals. Dancers come from Los Angeles and southern Florida to share the latest trends with local Bolingbrookers in a full day of dance celebration.

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Baisc Needs


American Cuisine

  • Branmor's American Grill - 300 Veterans Pkwy - (630) 226-9926
  • The East Room - 2001 Rodeo Drive - (630) 771-9400
  • Family Square Restaurant - 372 S Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 739-7191
  • Golden Corral - 381 Brookview Ln - (630) 717-6477
  • Gordon Biersch - 639 E Boughton Rd - (630) 739-6036
  • The Nest Bar & Grill - 2001 Rodeo Drive - (630) 771-9400

Asian Cuisine

  • Chinese Buffet - 281 N Weber Rd - (630) 679-1111
  • Golden Chopsticks Restaurant - 247 S Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 759-0333
  • Imperial Palace Restaurant - 360 N Schmidt Rd - (630) 759-1117
  • The Mongolian Chinese Buffet - 122 S Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 739-1988
  • Taste of the Orient - 459 N Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 226-9500

Italian Cuisine

  • Olive Garden - 215 S Weber Rd - (630) 783-1585


  • Bacci Pizzeria - 1196 W Boughton Rd - (630) 2226-5100
  • Nancy's Pizzeria - 210 N Weber Rd - (630) 679-0700
  • Papa's Pizza Place - 253 N Schmidt Rd - (630) 759-3700
  • Rosati Pizza - 329 N Schmidt Rd - (630) 759-6060


  • The 10th Hole Pub - 2335 E Boughton Rd - (630) 739-2359
  • 46 Zone Sports Bar and Grill - 730 N Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 739-4646
  • Clementine's Pub - 361 N Schmidt Rd - (630) 7559-6084
  • Gordon Biersch Brewery - 639 E Boughton Rd - (630) 679-1470
  • Quarterdeck Lounge - 220 Beaconridge Dr - (630) 739-9810
  • Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill - 431 W Boughton Rd - (630) 679-1994


  • Bolingbrook Lanes - 401 W Boughton Rd - (630) 759-7490
  • ShowPlace 12 - 1221 W Boughton Rd - (630) 759-8823


  • Bolingbrook Dance Festival - 201 Recreation Dr - (630) 739-0272

Golf Courses

  • Bolingbrook Golf Club - 2001 Rodeo Dr - (630) 771-9400
  • Ridge Golf Course - 335 E Boughton Rd - (630) 739-4100

Grocery Stores

  • Jewel-Osco - 126 E Boughton Rd - (630) 739-9656
  • Meijer - 225 N Weber Rd - (630) 679-6500


  • Lifestyles Fitness Center - 200 Lindsey Ln - (630) 739-1705
  • Xsport Fitness - 289 N Weber Rd - (630) 679-1820


  • Fountaindale Public Library - 300 W Braircliff Rd - (630) 759-2102


  • Central Park - 201 Recreation Dr - (630) 739-0272
  • Indian Boundary Park - Boughton Rd - (630) 739-0272


  • Bolingbrook Pharmacy - 402 W Boughton Rd - (630) 759-8900
  • Osco Drug - 128 E Boughton Rd - (630) 739-3438

Post Offices

  • US Post Office - 105 Canterbury Ln - (630) 759-3560


  • Aeropostale - 623 W Boughton Rd - (630) 783-9701
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers - 631 E Boughton Rd - (630) 783-0009
  • Best Buy - 317 N Weber Rd - (630) 759-8191
  • Big Lots - 160 N Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 739-1142
  • Borders Books & Music - 161 N Weber Rd - (630) 771-9560
  • Famous Footwear - 1122 W Boughton Rd - (630) 759-7571
  • Fashion Bug - 269 S Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 759-4080
  • Home Depot - 105 N Weber Rd - (630) 771-1109
  • IKEA - 750 E Boughton Rd - (630) 972-7900
  • Journeys - 623 E Boughton Rd - (630) 783-9771
  • Linens 'n Things - 123 S Weber Rd - (630) 679-9185
  • Locker Room - 339 N Schmidt Rd - (630) 759-2533
  • Marshalls - 1158 W Boughton Rd - (630) 759-6623
  • Pier 1 Imports - 155 N Weber Rd - (630) 771-9825
  • The Promenade - 631 E Boughton Rd - (630) 296-8340
  • Red Wing Shoe Store - 309 N Weber Rd - (630) 378-9755
  • Sports N Fashion - 241 S Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 378-0102
  • Target - 1188 W Boughton Rd - (630) 378-5544
  • Wal-Mart - 200 S Bolingbrook Dr - (630) 739-4800