Public Schools K-12

Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools are some of the leading urban school districts in the nation. There are over 480 elementary schools and more than 100 high schools in the Chicago Public School system as well as 60+ charter schools. From pre-school to high school, there are over 400,000 students attending classes. The student-to-teacher ratio is about 20 to 1 in elementary schools and 25 to 1 in the high schools. See a list of Chicago Public Schools.

Private Schools

Private School

Private school options in Chicago are among the best in the nation, offering a range of specialized curriculums, first-rate programs and exceptional teaching faculties. The roster of private institutions includes elementary, middle and high schools, which are found in almost every corner of the city. Many of the schools? enrichment courses extend beyond classes to introduce young minds to a global awareness and prepare kids for a successful future. View a list of Chicago Private Schools.

Colleges & Universities


Chicago has many colleges that students can attend. Students can attend any number of general education colleges, or there are some that focus on technology, art, and culinary skills. Columbia College is one of the biggest Media Arts schools in the country. It has been gaining additional recognition lately due to the success of its alumni in film and fiction writing. See Colleges & Universities in Chicago.

Chicago Public & Private Schools As Well As Colleges and Universities

Religion In Chicago

Education is an important component of Chicago's identity as a cultural center. Not only do scholars from around the world come to study at Chicago's celebrated colleges and universities, but families with school-aged children have access to some of the best academic curriculums in the country. Whether you have a kindergartner just starting out, a teenager in college-prep, an aspiring chef, or wish to go back to school yourself-this city offers every type of learning institution you could want.


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Part of what makes Chicago such a great place to raise a family is the large number of public and private elementary and high schools located throughout the city. There are hundreds of facilities to choose from, many with special focuses and selective programs. Alternative schools and courses for gifted students provide additional opportunities for children of all learning levels and special needs. Plus, intramural sports teams and other before & after school activities cater to the outside interests of the city's youths.

Downtown Chicago and its outlying suburbs are home to the majority of Illinois' long list of universities, colleges and vocational schools. Students have the choice between attending class right in the heart of the Loop's bustling commercial and business district, or getting a degree in a more traditional campus setting. Other nationally renowned colleges, such as DePaul University, are situated outside the city's center in Chicago's many neighborhoods that offer a good mix of exciting urban lifestyle and quiet residential streets.

From pre-school to PhD programs, Chicago schools offer students the opportunity to accomplish their academic goals and excel in any field of study. Whether you decide to pursue the culinary arts or computer science, you're sure to find the ideal school right here in Chicago.

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