Dream Town Growth Groups

A proprietary approach integrating group think tanks with individual coaching

What is a Growth Group?

It’s a holistic approach to career development. Each broker is guided on his/her unique path for personal and professional success. We do this by uniquely synthesizing two key components– a group think tank where people build on each other’s experiences, and individual life coaching to promote personal discovery and growth.

In 2017, 67% of growth group graduates increased their business by 20%–54%

Dream Town Growth Groups are free and available to all of our brokers

What are the benefits?

  • Join a community of like-minded professionals
  • Create a personalized, sustainable business strategy that’s perfect for you
  • Improve your work/life balance and overall satisfaction
  • Build momentum for continuous growth

How does it work?

Our Growth Group program provides coaching and leadership support through a thought-provoking and creative process designed to maximize your professional and personal potential. Our program includes:

  • A four-month series of bi-weekly group meetings
  • Topics chosen specifically by the group
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Personal action plans