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Why Dream Town is The Best Real Estate Company to Work for in Chicago

  • Collaborative Culture. Our unique team-focused approach encourages brokers to communicate openly and share resources, ensuring that everyone at Dream Town has the opportunity to build a success.

  • Pioneering Technology. As innovators in the field of internet real estate sales, Dream Town has developed apps, search engines, and other tools that help you capture a wide audience of buyers and sellers.

  • Proven Marketing Strategies. Dream Town's managers and in-house marketing team keep a close eye on real estate trends, then produce expert advice and quality materials that allow you to capitalize on the current market.

  • Health & Wellness. The well-being of our brokers is paramount to Dream Town--in addition to providing brokers with our comprehensive health insurance policy, we also offer wellness programs such as weekly spa treatments and tai chi classes.

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Dream Town prides itself on identifying and recruiting top talent. Our team includes veteran brokers with decades of success as well as those who are still learning the ropes, and we're committed to providing all of them with a competitive edge. If you're a new broker, call us today to set up a meeting--let's discuss your future!

When you decide to start or continue your career at Dream Town, you benefit from a team-based environment, exceptional web-based tools, in-house marketing, and much more. We also provide our brokers with plentiful opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge with regular seminars and classes, taught by experienced industry professionals.

To earn your license, you have to pass the licensing exam. Commit to the best preparation for this vital first step in your career--Dream Town Real Estate Academy offers a comprehensive package of online classes, in-person sessions, and exam prep for one affordable package price. Learn more by going to Dream Town Academy!

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From our client management tools and sales leads to our in-house marketing agency and spa, Dream Town is devoted to the success and happiness of its brokers. Joining Dream Town is a game changer.

Why I Joined Dream Town

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