An inside look at Chicago real estate

Yuval Degani


Yuval is the co-owner of Dream Town Realty. Yuval considers Dream Town a place where everyone works hand-in-hand and helps each other fulfill individual goals and dreams. His distinctive approach sets Dream Town apart and has placed the company in its own league. Together, Dream Team is a collaboration of highly-trained consultants, the toughest negotiators, and the widest reaching network of professionals and friends.


Chicago Homebuyers Receive $8.2 Million for Down Payments


Wells Fargo has debuted two new programs that promise to jump-start and sustain the meager recovery already taking root in many areas of the country. Both NeighborhoodLIFT and CityLIFT have been announced since early September and include down payment assistance, financial education and special events showcasing area homes for sale.

Get $1500 "Condo Cash" for Limited Time


A new offer was announced today from Freddie Mac’s HomeSteps real estate sales division. It gives eligible condo buyers up to $1,500 to pay for condo association fees. This “Condo Cash” incentive is a limited-time deal that is only available for 3 months. News of the condo buyer’s…

Skyscraper of the Year is in Chicago!


Chicago has always broken the mold when it comes to revolutionary building design. It is considered the birthplace of skyscrapers and has countless examples of world-renowned architecture. And now, one of its newest high-rises has won international recognition as the Skyscraper of the Year for 2009. Aqua was…

Are There Tax Incentives for Green Homes?


At Dream Town we realize the value of all things Green. We are always on the lookout for green incentives and tips we can pass along to further the cause. An excellent place to start is the website for Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)…