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Thanks Chicago!

Hundreds of you shared your Be You moment. We loved seeing the quirky ways you express your creativity and love of this wonderful city we all call home!

$10,000 WINNER

Congratulations to Nico K. for sharing this totally unique take on chest hair, and running away with the popular vote!


Hats off to all of our participants —these are a few of the fan favorites!

Jennie Gallagher

Mark Smaglinski

Chayna DeNicolo

Joshua Macwan

Joanna Bynum

Jacklyn Scarsella

Deanna DeMay

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Kara Pylipow

Parker Guidry

Temple Schultz

Robert Quintanilla

Nicky Von Kondrat

Katie Villacres

Michael Cruz

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Courtney Ring

Algis Jaras

Svitlana Kmit

Nic Mains

Breon Arzell

Daniel Razowsky

Amber Kozawick

Nykea Pippion McGriff

Max Novoselac

Brian Butler

Paula Acosta

Charles Mueller

Dee Savic

Christine Duke

Rashel Nihiser

Kidney Lauper